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The Dream Project – Part 3 – More Breakout Sessions


The Dream Project Breakout Session just keep coming!! The next breakout session I went to was the Secrets to Success where a panel of business owners discussed about the secrets of having a successful business.  I had a chance to meet Mr. Kevin Johnson who is the owner of Johnson Media Inc.  Mr. Johnson leads a marketing and communications firm that serves many Fortune 100 businesses.  He is author of best-selling book The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs.  (See more click here ).  Mr. Johnson had some 3 key points about becoming successful.

1.  Build a good team – make sure you hire slow but fire fast.  Find new people particularly interns.

2. Get your finances in order and keep your credit score high.

3.  Be at the right time and at the right place for business.  Make sure you are putting out the right content.

Mr. Johnson also said that you must start from a place of integrity and it is ok to say no when it comes to business.  He did stress the importance of finding team members who will support you and get the education that you will need for money management.  He also explained that there are no secrets to business and you need to find answers by thinking big and looking beyond your location and culture.

Karmetria Burton, who Karmetria Burtonwas also on the panel, is the general manager of Supplier Diversity for Delta Air Lines.  Ms. Burton explained the importance of having a up to date business plan readily available.  She expressed that being an entrepreneur that you express enthusiasm and excitement when you are introducing your business to anyone.    She also explained that you should follow your passion and have determination mindset to follow through your business.   Become a certified GMSDC – Regional Minority Business Supplier Diversity and learn about the contracting cycle.   Build the right relationships with your clients and make sure you sell solutions to your clients needs.

The other persons that was on the panel was from the Latin Chamber of Commerce.  Their representative explained that business owners should not be afraid to go and seek out advice.  You must be willing to go there and take the time to learn.  A business owner must be financially solid and do not be afraid to become a partner.


One of the last things that all the panels stress was again the importance of building relationships.  If someone says no be nice in responding to that person.   Be patience , persistence and network!!  Put a value on your service and be strong!  Set expectations for a positive business.

Next week is the conclusion of the Dream Project where Kevin Lewis and Daymond John will speak!!  Can not wait for this!!