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Toss the Resolutions and Begin Permanent New You Solutions!


The Living Healthy Movement

Welcome to the new HEPSA Living Healthy Online Blog!  We are starting this New Year off right with a new look, new blog and new mission!  HEPSA Living Healthy wants to help you change your life for the better by joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement!  So sign up for this new blog today by clicking – www.livinghealthyonline.org

I am Denine Rogers, a registered licensed dietitian nutritionist and holistic practitioner who have a passion to change people’s lives for the better.  I have decided to start the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement because of the constant problems and complaints that I have received from my clients about making New Year’s Resolutions not New Year Solutions.  Too often we do not keep our resolutions and by the time the end of the year comes we feel like we have failed through the whole year. A resolution is a temporary hopeful fix but a solution is a permanent change!  The HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is on a mission to get you to discover what is holding you back from losing weight, stopping smoking, continuing an exercise plan, changing your relationships with food, etc. Check out joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by signing up at the HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter – www.livinghealthy1.org where we are making solutions for 2015, not resolutions!

This year 2015 the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement are providing ways to change your life for the better by learning about 12 different topics.  The monthly topics will be:

  1. Eating healthy with whole food nutrition
  2. Cooking healthy meals and snacks
  3. Herbal Medicine and Botanicals
  4. Exercising
  5. Meditation, Tia chi, Yoga and Qi Gong
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Mind, Body and Spiritual Relationships
  8. Gardening
  9. Integrative Nutrition and Medicine
  10. Complementary Alternative Medicine
  11. Vitamins and Supplements
  12. Homeopathy

So for this whole year, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is focusing on making positive changes with your life.  I am asking you to join, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by clicking here today.

Thank you so much and start Living Healthy today!


HEPSA Living Healthy

HEPSA Living Healthy


What are you going to do this New Year?


Happy New Year Everyone!!  Every year, millions of people decide that they are going to start their new set of new year resolutions but only to give up on them by less than a month later.  Why does this happen?  There are many reasons why but what I am finding is that resolutions  are only a temporary fix but not a solution to the problem.  This year, I am focusing not on new year resolutions but instead looking for new year solutions!  That is why I am launching the Living Healthy Movement where I am looking at solutions to the problems that we all have with health, nutrition and lifestyle.  Look out for my free webinar from the Living Healthy Movement coming up on February 20th, 2014 at 2:00pm EST where we are going to focus on eating healthy.

So how are you going to start the new year off right?  Well, maybe this below give you a idea to make a positive new start for 2014.  (This acronym quote is from my fellow buddy RD – Carol Braizer.  Love You Girl!!)

Nutritious Food:  Regular meals, High fiber- fruits, vegetables, whole      grains, Moderate sodium intake and Minimal animal foods.

Exercise:  Weight control, More energy, Less depression, Improved digestion and regularity, Healthy Skin, Improved blood sugar and Blood pressure.

WaterTransport energy to cells and muscles and Removes impurities from body.

Sunlight:  Lift spirits and Vitamin D

Temperature Living:  Keep mind clear

Air:  Fresh air invigorating

Rest:  “Change of occupation”, Hobbies, Vacation and Meditation

Trust in GODPeace of mind.

So what are you going to do this new year?  Let me know.  Want to join the Living Healthy Movement!  Click here.