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The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, MO


Doesn’t this picture looks beautiful?  I really enjoyed my time being in St. Louis.  I made sure that I did stop by the historical landmark the Gateway Arch.





I was in shock when I had a chance to go up the arch that I must make sure that I was not afraid of heights and very closed rooms.


There are three modes of transportation up the arch:

  1. Two sets of 1,076-step emergency stairs (one in each leg),
  2. A 12-passenger elevator to the 372-foot (113 m) height,
  3. And a tram in each leg.


I took the little tram to go up the arch and each tram is a chain of eight egg-shaped, five-seat compartments with a small window on the doors.   The tram car that I was in with 5 other people swung like a Ferris wheel car.  It takes about  four minutes going up and it takes about three minutes going down the arch but it felt longer than that.


Near the top of the Arch, I exited the tram compartment and then I climbed up the set of stairs to enter the observation area.  Once I got there I noticed that there was a sign that shows that the arch’s width and height of the arch are 630 feet.

 In Wikipedia, it states that the arch is the tallest memorial in the United States and the tallest stainless steel monument in the world.


I had a chance to look out of the observatory windows on top of the arch and I saw from the window Mississippi River and the whole city of St, Louis.


I was in shock at how much I saw in those small little windows.  Check out below the pictures of what I saw.

St. Louis Cardinals Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals Stadium

Downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

A park in downtown St. Louis

A park in downtown St. Louis

Too me it is worth the money to travel up such a incredible monument and if I had the opportunity of coming back to St. Louis I would do this again.  Thanks St. Louis for a great time !!