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Toss the Resolutions and Begin Permanent New You Solutions!


The Living Healthy Movement

Welcome to the new HEPSA Living Healthy Online Blog!  We are starting this New Year off right with a new look, new blog and new mission!  HEPSA Living Healthy wants to help you change your life for the better by joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement!  So sign up for this new blog today by clicking – www.livinghealthyonline.org

I am Denine Rogers, a registered licensed dietitian nutritionist and holistic practitioner who have a passion to change people’s lives for the better.  I have decided to start the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement because of the constant problems and complaints that I have received from my clients about making New Year’s Resolutions not New Year Solutions.  Too often we do not keep our resolutions and by the time the end of the year comes we feel like we have failed through the whole year. A resolution is a temporary hopeful fix but a solution is a permanent change!  The HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is on a mission to get you to discover what is holding you back from losing weight, stopping smoking, continuing an exercise plan, changing your relationships with food, etc. Check out joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by signing up at the HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter – www.livinghealthy1.org where we are making solutions for 2015, not resolutions!

This year 2015 the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement are providing ways to change your life for the better by learning about 12 different topics.  The monthly topics will be:

  1. Eating healthy with whole food nutrition
  2. Cooking healthy meals and snacks
  3. Herbal Medicine and Botanicals
  4. Exercising
  5. Meditation, Tia chi, Yoga and Qi Gong
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Mind, Body and Spiritual Relationships
  8. Gardening
  9. Integrative Nutrition and Medicine
  10. Complementary Alternative Medicine
  11. Vitamins and Supplements
  12. Homeopathy

So for this whole year, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is focusing on making positive changes with your life.  I am asking you to join, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by clicking here today.

Thank you so much and start Living Healthy today!


HEPSA Living Healthy

HEPSA Living Healthy


Gardening Month is Here!!

Since this is Gardening Month, I want to let everyone know that I am one of the dynamic speaker at the 7 days Spiritual Body Building Tele-summit where my discussion topic is on Changing Your Temple:  Gardening with Planting: The Right Foods! I would love for you, your friends, coworkers and family to be a part of this very special tele-summit .  For more information to sign up for the 7-Day Tele-summit – Spiritual Body Building click here:  http://resultsbyrenee.com/spiritual-body-building-telesummit/

April is Gardening Month and this year I have decided to plant an indoor seedling gardening.  This is my very first time doing this and I decided to use a seedling gardening kit with organic gardening soil. I always wanted to be a part of the seed to sprout process of growing vegetables and flowers garden.  What I have done in the past, like many people, was purchase my plants from fellow gardeners and plant it in my little garden.  I never did thought how they were able to start off with a tiny seed  and produce a little sprout which would later become a healthy plant.  This year, I wanted to experience this by planting cucumbers, lettuce, squash, spinach, marigolds (for keeping the pest away from the tomatoes), zinna flowers, cosmos flowers, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers and  carrots. Check out the pictures below on how I started my gardening adventure:





To see pictures of the different seeds that I use for my garden click here!

Next week, I will discuss about my day at the Atlanta Home and Gardening Show!


Community Service Day

It is so important to get involved with your community so when my job decided to ask their employees to participate in Community Service Day I decided to jump at the opportunity to do this.  I was able to conduct a nutrition educational program for the parents at the Carrie Steele Pitts Home.

Carrie Steele Pitts Home is Atlanta, Georgia historic home for children in need. For over a century, they have provided a nurturing environment for abused, abandoned and neglected children who are unable to stay with their parents. This place is a safe haven for children where they provide 24- hour supervision caring staff members that supports and loves for up to 100 children in need.

The Carrie Steele-Pitts Home provides a Life Learning Center which is a multipurpose facility where the children participate in academic enrichment, athletic activities and spiritual growth.  How did this enriching organization come about?  Here is a historical quote from the Carrie Steele – Pitts Home:

Carrie Steele – Pitts Home was founded by Mrs. Carrie Steele, who was working as a maid at the Union Railroad Station in downtown Atlanta when she discovered that abandoned babied and children were being left at the station. She began to care for these children, placing them in an empty boxcar during the day and taking them home with her at night. In 1888, Mrs. Steele chartered the organization, eventually selling her home and generating additional funds from the community to build the first facility called the “Carrie Steele Orphan Home.”  In our organization’s long history, only four individuals have held the position of Executive Director. Soon after Mrs. Steele’s death in 1908, Mrs. Clara Maxwell Pitts became director and she served in this role for over 40 years. During this time, the Home became a United Way agency, moved to a larger facility on Roy Street in southwest Atlanta, and changed our name to the Carrie Steele – Pitts Home to honor Mrs. Pitts’ contributions to the Home.  In 1950, Mrs. Pitts’ daughter, Mrs. Mae Maxwell Yates took over the directorship, and she was responsible for moving CSPH to our current location at 667 Fairburn Road. Just before her retirement, Mrs. Pitts hired Ollivette Allison, a former CSPH resident, to serve as the Home’s first social worker and later the Director of Case Worker Services. Since 1976, Ms. Allison has been the Executive Director, providing inspired leadership with a strong commitment to new generations of children in the Atlanta community. The incredible continuity of leadership has allowed us to stay true to the mission and ideals of our founder.

I was truly honored to spend a day volunteering with this prestigious organization.  I was able to, along with my co-workers, teach the parents in the nearby neighborhood on healthy eating for breakfast.  What we found when teach the parents and some of the staff at Carrie Steele- Pitts Home (CSPH) was that CSPH do provide healthy nutritious breakfast meals for the children and the community.  An interesting thing that we found out from the parents that skipping breakfast was very common.  There were a lot of excuses that were stated by the parents such as not enough time, it takes too long to make etc.   We were able to address these issues and gave solutions on how to prepare a healthy breakfast every morning.

Every day should be a Community Service Day where everyone should make a tremendous effort in helping their community and themselves.

Click here to see pictures in pinterest.

For further information on how you can help the children of the Carrie Steele – Pitts Home, please contact:

Dr. Evelyn Lavizzo, Executive Director

or   Denise Kimbro, Office Manager

667 Fairburn Rd., N.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30331

Phone#:   404-691-5187

Website:  http://www.csph.org/index.htm